Saturday, 5 November 2016

My Etsy shop

So a couple of weeks ago now I decided to open an etsy shop. I am so excited about this !! Even though as yet I have not had a sale, probably doesn't help that my photo skills are naff. So I've been reading lots of top tips for taking photos which I will put into practice with my next items I put on there. However one thing I was a little sad about was that my name littlemisscrossstitch was too long for etsy so I had to come up with another name for my shop. So over on etsy I am very similar to my usual name just not the same though. So far I have got 9 items on there but will slowly be adding more as I make more ! My question to any to you etsy sellers is have you got any top tips for me?
I have not been doing a great deal of crafting as I have had lots of college work to get on with, I had a presentation to do on Thursday. Which I am pleased to say I passed, it will take a couple of weeks to get the actual results but at least I know I haven't failed ! Then in two weeks times there is a one to one professional discussion which I am actually dreading !! Then a couple of weeks after that we have an EXAM ! Oh my I have not had an exam since my GCSE's which where 20 years ago, I am just a little scared about that. Although one good thing is that it is an open book exam so that makes it a little less daunting.

Well that's it for now , thank you for reading my waffling

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